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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

25-Jan-2011 - Professor Tim Congdon CBE is TFA's new Hon. Chairman

Professor Tim Congdon CBE is TFA's new Hon. Chairman

Tc001 After magnificent work as TFA’s Hon Chairman, Roger Helmer has stepped down on doctor’s orders.  We are delighted that Roger will remain actively involved in our work as a Council Member of The Freedom Association.

Simon Richards, Director of TFA, writes, “It was with great regret that we accepted Roger’s resignation and I would like to thank him for the superb work he has done on our behalf.  It has been an immense pleasure to work with a man so committed to freedom in so many areas."

Welcoming Tim Congdon as TFA’s new Hon. Chairman, Simon commented, “I have admired and respected Tim for decades, and well recall that he was one of the earliest, most consistent and most eloquent opponents of the Exchange Rate Mechanism and European Monetary Union.  Tim is a man of principle, a man of intellect and a man of passionately held convictions which are entirely in line with those of The Freedom Association.  As a successful economist, businessman and writer, he will give TFA’s work new ‘clout’.”

Professor Congdon writes:
“I am much honoured to have become Chairman of the Freedom Association.  Our freedoms are more seriously challenged today than they have been since the Second World War, partly because our own political elite has forgotten why they matter, but also because our membership of the European Union has undermined our institutions and traditions.  I look forward to working with Simon Richards and his colleagues, to do what we can to restore and strengthen the freedoms associated with the British way of life.”

May I add my congratulations - Greg_L-W.
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