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Thursday, 19 August 2010

CONGDON - LEADERSHIP 4 UKIP Announced 19-08-2010

CONGDON - LEADERSHIP 4 UKIP Runners & Riders 2010
Announced 19-08-2010

Professor Tim G. Congdon CBE
Professor Tim G. Congdon CBE
Tim Congdon's Election Web Site is now up and running 
Tim Congdon’s contact details:
Office phone no. 01452 - 830 840
mobile no. 07876 - 684 308
Firstly before making the obvious statements - May I congratulate Gerard Batten for putting the wellbeing of UKIP before his personal interests, by standing down as a leadership candidate, it is well apreiated that he got 26% in the mock leadership election of 2009 without Farage standing but clearly he would have cost Tim Congdon votes had he insisted in standing.

Congratulations to Gerard Batten who has by this action done the very firast thing that I have ever been able to praise him for!

Let us hope this is a lesson to others who might still be tempted to stand - though I fully appreciate that David Bannerman is neither a real candidate nor the real man he claims to be he is as ever, once he emerges from The OLAF enquiry into his fraudulent use of public money as ever he was - merely butt boy for Farage, standing to split the vote of the informed UKIP members who can not be bought off by salary or status and know enough to know what a catastrophic leader Nigel Farage, has been, is and might still sadly be!

The exception of course is the hope that Mad Monkton might yet stand as nothing would favour Tim's campaign more as clearly he would attract some votes based upon his Father's title and other people's Climate Change & Global warming debunking, which never seems to be acknowledged by this serial liar (no wonder he supports Farage!). Let us hope he stands as his votes will in the main come from Farage's normal (I use the word with caution) voters.

Now for the obvious - Good luck to Tim Congdon though I fear he has an uphill battle ahead - I would like to see Tim Congdon win of the candidates on offer as he is the only candidate who brings any integrity, gravitas, competence or personal success to the Party. Congdon has made considerable money by the use of his own brain and unlike Farage was a success in banking and finance selling his business to Lehman Bros. as I recall, for a substantial amount and being retained as a consultant/adviser.

Tim Congdon may not have the charismatic qualities that sell well in the village hall, but he has the competence to impress a City audience or annual sales meeting of a major Financial services concern or banking Group or Inns of Court gathering and happily able to address the Mansion House or Brughes Group with gravitas and not be caught urinating in the plant pots with a drunken Godfrey Bloom, or involved in chavvery in a lap dancing club with Farage and his parasites - with greater self respect he can lead the party forward to its next phase rather than endlessly repeating the mistakes of Farage, Bannerman, Dartmouth, Monkton and the like so stupid they expect different results and are completely reliant on dishonesty and luck!

I have grave doubts over Steve Allison who based on his own track record I would trust as far as I could kick him - it was he who so recently advocated Pan EU Political Parties, it was he who was angling for a run at MEPship, it was he who was all over Farage like a cheap suit - when surrounded by undeniable corruption and dishonesty did this little man ever speak oit?

Not a man I would trust and one I would not be remotely surprised to see acting in character and using all he has learned to act in his own personal interest by betrayal at the most crucial time - Tim Congdon would seem to stand for EVERYTHING that Steve Allison has NOT stood for!

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