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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Tim CONGDON at the UKIP: Peterborough Hustings

UKIP: Peterborough Hustings

Ask yourself, which one of these men would YOU really vote for?

Three Midgets? A pet Poodle? Two drunks? Or a Gentleman?

East Midlands/Eastern Region Hustings meeting, Best Western Hotel, Orton Hall Hotel, The Village, Orton Longueville, Peterborough, PE2 7AM.

100 people attended the event which is quite poor considering that it was a joint event.

Derek Clark was conspicuous by his absence. He wasn't missed. He was probably worried that someone would ask him about that pesky OLAF investigation. See: LINK

Or was he just worried that someone would mention the time he betrayed UKIP by signing a declaration espousing the principle of "subsidiarity". Prior to this UKIP has always been in favour of total withdrawal from the EU. By accepting the principle of subsidiarity UKIP was now accepting the authority of the union to take decisions which are not devolved to national or regional government.

At the same time Clark also signed up to the principle of "reforming" the Common Agricultural Policy, something which UKIP had previously refused to recognise at all.

Don Ransome - his highly paid RO - was observed desperately looking for people to talk to. Poor man!

Congdon was very good. He is now really getting into his stride. He answered questions with clarity and commonsense.

Farage was his usual arrogant self. And Bannerman was just as slimy as ever.

However, the problem with the hustings is that questions cannot be asked from the floor. Questions for this hustings had to be submitted to Peter Reeve. And you can guess what happened to any awkward questions about the widespread corruption that has flourished under Farage's leadership. We know that several UKIPPERS wanted to ask Farage and Bannerman about the lack of financial transparency within UKIP. But they never got the chance.

It is the lack of financial probity within UKIP that a member of the Junius Team heard being discussed around the various groups of people who assembled before and after the formal proceedings.

Only by voting for Tim can we assure a new era of openness and honesty in the party. 

& to view the original on JUNIUS CLICK HERE
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